Affordable Ambulances Without Compromising Quality

With over 50 vehicles currently in stock, Bluelight UK Ltd supplies ambulances to the UK NHS Trusts, Private Sector and various charities as well as industrial ambulances, rapid response (RRV) units and patient transport service vehicles (PTS). Bluelight UK has a database of specialist vehicles available for sale in the UK. If you have a requirement, the team may be able to source it. Bluelight....


Would You Feel Safe in a Driverless Ambulance?

Driverless cars may be the wave of the future, but would you feel safe in a driverless ambulance? This new technology does have one potential advantage over current emergency vehicles - at the moment a patient in an ambulance gets medical attention only from one paramedic, while the other crew member drives the vehicle, but a driverless ambulance would allow patients to get to the....


Ambulances: Then and Now

Prior to World War Two, it was known for people to be transported to hospitals and medical establishments using wicker stretchers and horse-drawn carts? A far cry from the modern state-of-the-art ambulances we see on the roads today. The first NHS ambulances came into use after the war thanks to an act of parliament called the National Health Services Act which came into power in....


Why Bluelight UK are THE choice for Specialist Vehicles

Bluelight UK has specialist expertise in the ambulance sales market. Our client base includes NHS Trusts, private ambulance services, charities, TV and film industry, manufacturing plants, oil refineries, leasing companies and private individuals.   So why choose Bluelight UK:   We understand the ambulance market and have specific ambulances for sale for export and others for use in the UK. All our vehicles are direct....



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