MacNeillie ex Northern Ireland Ambulance Service, complete with Ferno Pegasus hydraulic stretcher on universal lock, piped oxygen, LSU bracket, 12v sockets, overhead lockers, full height....

New Mercedes 519 CDi A&E Frontline Ambulance

Complete with Ferno Pegasus stretcher with universal lock, secondary stretcher position, Lifepak bracket, Unwin Solo fixings, Laerdal Suction Unit bracket, pediatric seat 2 x swivel....

Multi-Purpose A&E Renault Master LM35DCi 125 Business

BRAND NEW Renault Master LM35DCi 125 Business With Baus AT Multi-Purpose A&E Conversion Complete with Ferno Pegasus stretcher on removable lock with secondary stretcher position,....

Peugeot Boxer L3H2 2.2D O&H Conversions

Choice available with DG3 livery and Whelen Justice lightbars, Air conditioning, side step, grab rails, overhead lockers, piped oxygen, open bulkhead, fully tracked floor, portaramp,....

Brand New Renault Master LM35 HDU Ambulance Euro VI

Ex Stock - Ready to Go Euro 6 Renault Master LM35 130BHP Diesel (Business) with bluetooth connectivity, single front passenger seat, air conditioning and rear....

2013 Mercedes Sprinter WAS Frontline Ambulances

Complete with stretcher (2 positions available), remote tail-lift, full Whelen lightbars and multi tone sirens, walkthrough bulkhead with automatic closing facility, piped oxygen, rear diesel powered....


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