Fleet Rental can be a Long Term Plan for Business

For any business vehicle rental doesn’t just need to be short-term (something to temporarily plug the gaps) it can be a long-term solution, as a business grows, it can bring flexibility which is a great asset to any organisation. Of course, different businesses have different ways of acquiring their essential fleet, and some are understandably wary about committing to a longer-term rental arrangement.   Many....


Fuel increases

….and how to manage them. For any vehicle owner running costs are always a constant consideration, but for businesses they can be a major source of worry. Unlike many other monthly outgoings such as property rent, mortgage, tax and employee salaries, which in general remain the same, it is difficult to factor in the cost of filling up fuel tanks and keeping employees on the....


Change driving habits and lower your running costs

Many drivers are unaware that how you actually drive a vehicle has a major impact on its running costs and overall lifespan, which when you are dealing with a fleet can be a considerable cost to a business. So as a fleet owner or manager it is worthwhile spending time with your employees to advise them on simple changes to their driving habits, as when....


How to avoid being a victim of vehicle theft...

Somewhere in the region of 40,000 to 50,000 commercial vehicles are stolen in the UK every year!! So let’s take time to review how you can take the proper precautions, to reduce the risk of part of your fleet being included in these statistics.   Your vehicle is a valuable item, but it may not be the main focus of the thief who wants to....


Affordable Ambulances Without Compromising Quality

With over 50 vehicles currently in stock, Bluelight UK Ltd supplies ambulances to the UK NHS Trusts, Private Sector and various charities as well as industrial ambulances, rapid response (RRV) units and patient transport service vehicles (PTS). Bluelight UK has a database of specialist vehicles available for sale in the UK. If you have a requirement, the team may be able to source it. Bluelight....


Would You Feel Safe in a Driverless Ambulance?

Driverless cars may be the wave of the future, but would you feel safe in a driverless ambulance? This new technology does have one potential advantage over current emergency vehicles - at the moment a patient in an ambulance gets medical attention only from one paramedic, while the other crew member drives the vehicle, but a driverless ambulance would allow patients to get to the....


Ambulances: Then and Now

Prior to World War Two, it was known for people to be transported to hospitals and medical establishments using wicker stretchers and horse-drawn carts? A far cry from the modern state-of-the-art ambulances we see on the roads today. The first NHS ambulances came into use after the war thanks to an act of parliament called the National Health Services Act which came into power in....



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