Fiat Ducato C1 Driver Training Units

Fiat Ducato C1 Driver Training Units - Available for Hire All with single front passenger seat, diamond grade livery, Whelen lighting with simple rocker switch....

Fiat Ducato B Cat Driver Training Units

Complete crew cab with single passenger seat for extra comfort, simple switched lights and sirens, full diamond grade livery and Whelen LED lighting.  Ideal for....

2015 Euro 6 Citroen Relay DTU

Stanford Coachworks conversion with removable seats, air conditioning, single passenger seat, matching interior, full LED lightbars, grille lamps and multi-tone sirens, full diamond grade battenburg....

C1 Citroen Relay Crew Cab Driver Training Units

Available for short and long term hire.  Comfortable interior - purpose built for the job.  

B Cat Renault Trucks Master 3.5T Driver Training Units

Ideal for both blue light and PTS driver training.  Single front passenger seat for added comfort and simple rocker switches for lights and sirens.  


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